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That approach is evident in EA’s ads, which look more like a movie trailer from a major studio than an ad for a video game. The bottom 25% of action games naturally had very low conversion rates – an average of 0.13%. For the median 50% of action games, conversion rates were the highest in the second half of 2020, reaching 0.35%. The average session length for the bottom 25% of action games ranged from 2 minutes and 25 seconds to 2 minutes and 33 seconds. As you might expect, day 28 is even lower for all mobile game genres. Once again, the same trend was reflected when it comes to the median and the bottom 25% of action games.

Pretty much all activities, such as playing through the main campaign mode, fighting bosses in the dungeons, or fighting other players’ squads in the arena gifts many rewards. Our “Hollywood” storytelling is something we are proud of here at Consumer Acquisition. But part of what makes our creative so successful is the inexhaustible innovation that comes from our diverse, international team.

The launch of Valorant Mobile in 2022 is likely to invigorate it considerably. Well, it all started with those Sniper games, where players simply aimed and shot without moving. These games were perfect for smaller screens offering a straightforward single-player experience. Unlike with Sniper games, you could move and you were actually fighting other players. The third massive wave came as the networks hit 4G, the screen size was 6 inches and the Battle Royale craze was climbing towards its height. Read on, because you have to understand the past before you can predict the future.

To attract high-quality top-of-funnel users, persona-driven creative is critical. Ad creative tailored to users’ motivations, behaviors, interests, and preferences ensure media buyers can understand what is working and how to do more of it. This insight is crucial in light of aggressive privacy regulations. If you’re considering a series of narrative ads to drive new players and profit, read on for pitfalls and pointers from our team of Hollywood storytellers, animators, editors, and producers.

While hypercasual and arcade games boast nearly unlimited amounts of downloads, when looking at the daily active players, shooters are actually neck-to-neck with these two genres. 4X games can’t scale by exclusively poaching users from other games — they need to be able to recruit new audiences to achieve long-term unit economics viability. betobet Successful 4X games developers are constantly bringing new gameplay mechanics to stand out in the market as seen in the examples below. bet365 kuwait

Arpdau Statistics For Action Mobile Games

Everyone knows that hypercasual games get most of the downloads, which naturally leads to a massive amount of daily active users playing these games. But not everyone knows that there are virtually the same amount of players playing shooters on mobile as there are those playing hypercasual games. You’re reading this likely because you’re interested in the mid-core market. Well, one of the biggest trends in mid-core games is growing your business on mobile and beyond.

raid: shadow legends advertising budget

It makes sense considering game characters are the emphasis of role-playing games. Once again, you’ll be putting your role-playing game in front of users who are already playing your other games and are very likely to be interested in it. However, you should know that targeting such a specific audience is not cheap. Once you go very narrow with your target audience, the user acquisition tends to become very pricey. The publishers of games you want to advertise in are looking to fill their ad space with relevant ads in order to maximize their ad revenue. You’re placing ads for your game inside other similar games, thus reaching an audience that’s highly likely to be interested in it.

Sensor Tower: Us Puzzle Game Spending Increased 4 2% To $5 Billion

Interestingly enough, accessibility can also be seen as best-in-class revenue-per-download. The ability and incentive to launch multiple titles to grow overall share of the market is perhaps the key reason why the market is and will remain fragmented. To put the Strategy genre in proportion, it generates a whole Billion more than all Puzzle games combined. Though several puzzle genres do boast significant ad revenue streams, which bridge the gap in net revenue between the genres. It’s actually a fun game that’s just slower if you don’t buy anything.

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Based on early gameplay, the game looks way off to make a mobile debut in 2022. After all, this is the second-largest shooter franchise in the world. Downloads will continue to decline while revenues will continue going up.

Influencers and budget estimation, to a deep analysis of results after the campaign. It also detects overlapping users and selects bloggers with the lowest percentage of audience overlap. Explores how gaming platforms, which allow brands and products to be promoted via means such as sponsorship or in-game advertising, can enable brands to build reach.

Video Ad Examples From Top Action Mobile Games

In particular, video ads offer a very high potential for shareability, as a whopping 92% of users are likely to share this kind of content on their social media accounts. In this article, we’ll break down the core elements of an integrated video game marketing campaign and why they’re important. In a creative industry like mobile app advertising, trends change constantly and new perspectives are critical to staying ahead of creative fatigue. Based on over 100,000 videos and images we produce and test yearly for our clients, our research has shown that winning ads last only 10 weeks before they burn out. We have performed over 25,000 A/B and multivariate tests on Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Snap and have learned that 85-95% of new creative concepts fail to outperform the best ad in a portfolio.

In this post, we will share productivity app creative trends and user motivations, and show you why productive habit tracker ads work. For years, anime-style mobile RPGs have consistently included the highest quality animated cutscenes and cinematics, often resulting in longer load times than typical mobile games. However, as devices, networks, and mobility capabilities evolve , visually arresting storytelling on mobile will attract more and more players.

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Users get a sense of the unique world of AFK Arena, its characters, and game mechanics. That’s why it’s worth your while to familiarize yourself with video ads from top RPGs and learn what makes them so effective. Those videos are shared online which in return drives traffic by other people who want to have the same experience. Marketers are constantly looking for thumbstopper ads – imagine opening a Facebook or Twitter and seeing a video of your friend as a character of the new RPG. If you take a look at these icons from top RPGs, you’ll notice that most of them feature the main character.

The top 25% games in the RPG genre had significantly lower day 28 retention, even though these are still successful games. This video ad focuses on presenting the powerful Marvel superheroes in action – Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, and Invisible Woman. Since these famous characters are one of the main reasons users are drawn to this RPG, it’s a smart move to dedicate a video ad to showcasing all of them. The outro also includes a search box with “AFK Arena” typed inside it.

What’s great about gaming influencers is that they have excellent gaming knowledge and real authority in the industry. From your app store page listing to ad creatives and everything in between. If you want to reach the top charts, there’s no room for guesswork. Instead of going with your gut feeling, you need to trust the data.

Its Time To Come Clean

Combining PR and paid media allows you to blend the analytical with the creative, capitalizing on the benefits of both. Facebook and Instagram use Facebook’s Ad Manager, a developed platform that makes influencer content whitelisting a frictionless process. Once an influencer grants permission via Ad Manager, their Facebook and Instagram accounts are readily available for brands to begin running dark posts. Interstitials also typically end with a call to action to download the app. Interstitials are most effective in between stages without having to interrupt the flow of the game.

  • As the 3D animation market grows globally— with an estimated CAGR of 11.5% between 2021 and 2028— Mexico is emerging as a state-of-the-art hub for animation and becoming a key player within the medium.
  • Looking at the top 10, apart from Raid Shadow Legends, all games had a declining revenue in 2021.
  • The video quality will be subpar since Google will use random images and text from your app store page to create the video – you have no control over how it looks.
  • Of course, social media is about creating content so your videos need to be creative and relaxing enough to fit well in the space without becoming obtrusive.
  • With so many exciting new releases battling for gamers’ attention, let’s take a look at how the top gaming companies have been advertising from the beginning of December through the end of the year.
  • 2019 saw revenues for mobile gaming dwarf the individual revenue for console and PC gaming, so there is profit to be made.

Today we can see the error in not promoting technical courses as the entire world is being dragged into the digital future whether we want to or not. Is marketing for tertiary education institutions, which is an raid: shadow legends advertising budget educational institution that is above high school or secondary school level and their mature learning audience. And Plarium has a well-designed layered structure to encourage players to spend and spend big.


In 2021, Puzzle RPGs continued to grow by 17% and reached $850M but the majority of the growth is from a new hit Puzzles & Survival. This new contestant is a post-apocalyptic hybrid mesh of Puzzle RPG and 4X games. It is one of the most successful implementations of a casual mechanic into a hardcore set, along with Top War, that has a merge core. Although it is debatable whether this game is a Puzzle RPG or 4X, just a few months after the launch, Puzzle & Survival became the top-grossing game in the subgenre.

Fauns Unites For Punk Rock Vr Experience Battlescar

For years, I’ve been writing about games and living a life surrounded by them. We send the latest and exclusive reports for the game industry to your email inbox every week. Players build their board as the game goes on, earning gold and experience each round that is used to expand the number of units on the board and draft new ones.

Yet the genre defining one is still missing, as the ones early to market lack the accessiblity and the IP to take over. One would assume that offering a similar game with a more interesting setting and significantly improved graphics would assure a lucrative slice of the hefty Battle Royale pie, right? As we’ve seen from multiple high-production-value games from NetEase, players who play Battle Royale games are not easily swayed by the looks. Sniper Shooters are games with sniper rifles as the primary weapon and aiming as the core gameplay. Sniper games focus on single-player-oriented gameplay with power progression through weapon upgrades.

Clearly, Riot Games knows what works for its audience and doesn’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel. Make a fun, well-designed action game – if your game sucks, there’s not much you can do to improve user retention. For the median 50% of games, day 1 retention was slightly lower overall, ranging from 19% to 20.59%. Furthermore, it was the highest in the first half and the lowest in the second half of 2020. enzo casino User retention is an important KPI because it reveals the percentage of people who keep playing a game after the first day and beyond.

A free mobile game developed and published by Plarium for Android, iOS and PC platforms. At the moment we are working on an advertising campaign for her and want to decide on a budget. We would like to place an advertising story and / or post in the feed with a story about the game and a link to their site to attract a new audience.

How To Advertise A Casual Mobile Game In 2022

If you’re receiving bad press, an integrated strategy minimizes the barriers of communication and allows you to respond faster. Mixed messaging or a delay in response only serves to exacerbate negative attention, increasing its chance of harm to your business. The game is a step above other MMO’s which I have played, simply due to account uniqueness and the community.

Ensure the influencer hasauthority in the gaming nicheand can actually influence his/her followers. Here’s how Activision advertises this world-famous mobile action game. With App Campaigns, Google creates different ad variations across several formats and networks by using assets you have uploaded or assets from your app’s store listing. Finally, it’s important to include a clear call to action at the end of the video ad – most commonly it’s “download now”. As you might know, the first couple of seconds are the most important for a converting video ad. Conversion data is the percentage of users who made a purchase that day.

Below, we’ve outlined high-level motivational triggers for a productivity app user. The included motivations are for productivity apps broadly, not a specialized app category such as habit trackers or note-takers. AdRules, our proprietary SaaS platform, analyzes 3.5 million videos and is updated daily. Reviewing top competitors in a category provides a broad view of what creative is working right now and what isn’t. Consider these creative trends like fashion – they keep changing and going in and out of style. To identify creative trends, use Facebook Ad Library to see every ad currently running on their ad network.

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